First Watch Security Services aim to be the best in the world by striving to enhance our image and keep our reputation intact in terms of security solutions. In order to achieve this we pride ourselves on our professionalism and a strong belief that we hire the best people, enlightened and trained by us for every assignment.

Our mission is to be recognised as the best service provider in terms of providing monitoring solutions, whether this is a person on-site, mobile patrol, keyholding, alarm response, or remote monitoring via CCTV.

We specialise in providing corporate security and we offer the full range of security services including events security, construction sites, concierge, etc. We also sign short term contracts such as term time, holiday periods, looking after contractors on your site etc.


First watch Security provides a variety of security and business support services to both large and small businesses across all industries. Our services cover a range of security roles with the aim of providing a complete security package that syncs with your business needs.

Our 24 hour, manned control centres help ensure the safety of our on-site staff and lone workers. Whilst dedicated Contract Managers ensure the smooth running of the contract, helping us provide all our customers with an efficient and effective service. Regular site visit are also conducted by our designated supervisors to check on our officers.

First Watch Security Services hand picks Officers for every deployment to conform to a contract specific "personnel profile" and "job specification". Officers complete training shifts on the deployment location before an assignment starts. This involves a face-to-face interview, stringent screening procedures, and in-house induction training, culminating in an examination.

We are unique in the fact we actively involve our clients in participating within the recruitment process. To ensure continuity of service and minimal Officer turnover, it is paramount that the employee placed on your site 'fits' within your corporate culture and a thorough and rigorous recruitment process will be followed to achieve this. First Watch manned guarding force is one of the most highly regarded in London and the Home Counties.
Retail businesses cannot thrive and prosper unless premises, stock, employees and customers have a safe and secure environment. In today’s tough economic climate, being faced with diverse and often growing risks, ensuring the security of key assets (people, takings, products and reputation) is a challenge for any retailer.

First Watch understands that the true benefit from retail security is not gained simply by providing uniformed personnel at the storefront, but rather making our presence known also through our mobile patrol cars visiting your premises on a random and routine basis.

At First Watch, we work with our clients to build solutions that combine our knowledge of in-store security processes and technology with our knowledge of the cash cycle and the retail world. By looking at the challenge of not only managing security but also the cash cycle, we help retailers improve efficiency, reduce stock losses, provide a safer workplace for their employees and a better shopping environment for their customers.

We recognise that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the challenges of securing the whole retail environment. Let us help you to see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of securing your world.
At First Watch, we understand that businesses which look at their security challenges more comprehensively can unlock hidden benefits to help them thrive and prosper.

For our clients, the benefits of this approach are tangible. We also recognise that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the wider challenge of securing the working environment and protecting corporate assets. Let us help you to see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of securing your world.

Front-of-house staff are the most visible security presence in any business and it is vital that the Security Officers reflect your company image. The Security Officer can often be the first person a visitor or guest meets at your premises. We ensure the right impression by having a professional and personable security representative.

First Watch Security Services ensures we achieve this by supplying smartly dressed and well spoken Security Officers, specifically trained in customer Services and business support skills. These Officers can be provided in First Watch Security Services' branded uniforms or simply unbranded but matched to compliment your organisational image.

By training our Reception Officers in specific additional tasks you wish to be undertaken, they can assist you in providing a dual function by answering the telephone, signing in contractors or visitors in addition to providing Access Control and a visible security presence.
First Watch Security Services is able to provide response and patrol security solutions for both private and public sector organisations. Our professionally managed response and patrol section services within which we have specific and specialist expertise include:
  • Alarm Response & Key holding
  • Property Inspection
  • Mobile Patrols (Internal & External)
Our trained response officers will attend your premises in the event of alarm activation. They will carry out a full external and internal patrol of the site as detailed by the comprehensive site assignment instructions agreed with you at contract commencement. All of our attending Response Staff are attired in uniforms and identifying insignia ensuring a professional and identifiable approach to your security.

Because we are always up to date with the traffic news, one of our most effective strategies in achieving a prompt response to your site is the use of our motorbikes. This ensures the ability to get to the site on time without any excuse of traffic congestion.

A trained Officer will attend a location to respond to a request from a customer, to virtually any type of premises from residential blocks of flats to office buildings. The service will be tailored to your exact specification, but include:
  • Health & Safety inspection visits (where we will carry our patrols to ensure that Health & Safety equipment is correct and in order)
  • 'Supervised' contractor visits
First Watch Security Services' mobile patrol service is ideal for clients who do not require a permanent presence on site. Stay secure in the knowledge that your premises are receiving random inspections by our patrol vehicles.

First Watch Security Services provides full auditability for all mobile services conducted. These include a lock and unlock service, which can include turning off electrical items whilst ensuring the building is fully secure. This service can also be used if you have contractors due out of hours.

Mobile patrols regularly prevent thefts, fires and floods. An electronic monitoring system can be installed to record patrols, with detailed reports forwarded to the client. Any suspicious activity will be investigated and the police called if necessary. Full written reports of any incidents will be provided within 24 hours.

Our Officers are also able to allow access for contractors or employee's to attend site out of normal working hours. As well as allowing access and onsite supervision, if required, there is additional peace of mind knowing that the building will be re-secured correctly, removing the need to hand over premise keys or alarm codes to unauthorised personnel.

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Welcome and thank you for showing an interest in wanting to join this prestigious company. At First Watch we build, we do not tear down. We win contracts, we do not lose them, so we expect you to come in with a mentality of “WHAT I CAN GIVE”, not only “WHAT I CAN GAIN”.

This is the reason why we only recruit our management staff from already existing officers who have exceptional and proven track records with our clients and thus a high retention staff rate.

We equally adhere to the needs of our employees, even as we do our clients. Be it family, health, personal needs, as long as it is within our sphere of ability, we do our best to give help and find solutions for our cherished employees who are the life blood of our industry.

In doing this we believe they will have the peace of mind and assurance which will boost their performance and productivity levels on any assignment administered to our clients.

The method of applying for jobs is to download an application form from our website. Alternatively one can be requested via our contact centre.

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